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Bob Marley Children's Books

Cedella Marley, eldest daughter of world music icon Bob Marley, has released a children's book entitled "Three Little Birds" to commemorate her father's 62nd birthday through their publishing company, Tuff Gong Books. The "Three Little Birds" book is an adaptation of Marley's classic song, for which Cedella collaborates with award-winning writer Gerald Hausman and illustrator Mariah Fox.

Bob Marley gave voice to a growing revolutionary spirit in songs whose stirring rhythms and healing power dissolved boundaries of age, race, culture, and religious belief. He began writing lyrics in the early 1960's and continued to produce them until his passing in 1981, celebrating the triumph of the human spirit over violence, poverty, and prejudice during the years in-between. Critics have called Marley's songs the best of the millennium, yet few fans have ever read his words on a page. Through Tuff Gong Books, Cedella Marley has made selections of her father's life, most prophetic and personal poems, insights, and conversational messages continue to live in classrooms and libraries around the world.

Cedella Marley, CEO of Tuff Gong International, is a Grammy award-winning musician, fashion designer, writer/publishing executive and mother of three. Cedella's writing began in response to her own children's questions about their grandfather. She founded Tuff Gong Books in 2000, and in the years since has released the books "The Boy From Nine Miles: The Early Life of Bob Marley" and "56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road: The Sayings & Psalms of Bob Marley". In 2005 Cedella released "60 Visions: A Book of Prophecy by Bob Marley" to commemorate her father's 60th birthday, which featured 25 archival Marley photographs alongside 60 quotes from the world music icon.

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