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Deejay Ra
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Passing of Johnny "J"

In-Memoriam: Johnny "J", at 39 years old in Los Angeles. Multi-platinum American producer and owner of Klock Work Entertainment, best known for over 100 million records sold with legendary rapper/actor Tupac Shakur.

Imaan Faith

"The release and success of my debut album was largely in part due to Johnny's faith in my music, it was an honour to get a chance to spend time at his studio to collaborate with him. We were actually scheduled to return to California later this year to film the video with Johnny for my next single, we spoke of doing many albums together so I can't believe he's gone. My deepest sympathies to his family, don't worry Johnny I know you found Tupac up there."

Deejay Ra

"I am deeply saddened by the circumstances and fact of Johnny's passing. His professional contributions to my projects and his personal mentorship over the past five years has been invaluable. Our last conversation touched on collaborating on everything from film scores to the growing South Asian music industry, and I'm sure every artist he ever worked with realizes how much the music community has lost. I'd like to express my deepest condolences to Johnny's family, we'll sincerely miss you my brother."

Canadian Background

In June 2006, Johnny "J" premiered a 10 year anniversary Tupac tribute track on a compilation entitled "A 2Pac Tribute: Dare 2 Struggle," released by Las Vegas label First Kut Records and Toronto based Lyrical Knockout Entertainment. Johnny also acted as a consultant on the charitable project, advising Canadian activist Raoul Juneja (a.k.a. Deejay Ra), who produced the compilation with Dr. Mutulu Shakur, the adoptive father of Tupac Shakur.

In mid 2008, Iranian-Canadian rapper Imaan Faith collaborated with Deejay Ra in the assembling of Imaan's debut album "Let The Truth Be Known", which was released through Canadian imprint DEP and distributed on Universal Music Canada. The album featured an opening track produced and written with Johnny "J" entitled "Goin 2 Da Top," which to date has over 40,000 hits on Imaan's MySpace page.

Johnny's name was mentioned in many of Imaan's media interviews as well as in billboard, radio and TV advertisements across Canada as one of the album's guest highlights during a 3 month promotional campaign. The album charted at #6 on the Nielsen SoundScan top ten charts for Canada the week of its March 11th release.

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