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Deejay Ra
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Key Porter Books Re-Publish 'Grey Owl' Classic

Canada's foremost ethnic author/filmmaker returns to bookstores across the country as award-winning publisher Key Porter Books re-prints Archie Belaney's 1936 "Tales From An Empty Cabin" classic, inspired in part by a 'Grey Owl Birthday Recognition' campaign launched last year by Hip-Hop Activist Raoul S. Juneja (a.k.a. Deejay Ra) as a response to the CBC's exclusion of Belaney from their "Greatest Canadian" 2004 national voting census promotional materials and digital archive.

"By proving (in death) his non-native ancestry in no way affected the sincere conservation messages behind his writing and films, Grey Owl defined the global vision of multiculturalism which we're still only beginning to fully understand," Juneja wrote in a May 10, 2004 letter to numerous officials in the CBC administration, inquiring why the founder of the environmentalist movement didn't make a "Greatest Canadian" online suggestions page cut that made space for profiles of Celine Dion and Dan Aykroyd.

Yet the rap radio host of Indian heritage remained adamant young Canadian students would be eager to learn more about the Ojibway-Englishman responsible for Canada's name receiving daily international headlines alongside Mahatma Gandhi's India and Joe Louis' America, incorporating Grey Owl titles into his 'Hip-Hop Literacy' project and campaigning on Canadian community TV for September 18th birthday recognition on the country's calendars for the first author to teach Native rights at Harvard University.

"Like I mentioned in the CBC letter our multicultural kids deserve to see an Ojibway author's birthday on Canadian calendars, and now that even one of his classics has been re-printed I don't plan on ending my Grey Owl birthday recognition campaign until they do," explains Juneja.

Attached support photography courtesy of Yousuf Karsh.

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