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Deejay Ra
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Post City "A Canadian music mogul."
Bollywood Blvd. "A pioneer - his name is becoming synonymous with music in this city."
Eastern Eye UK "A musical genius and hip-hop visionary - the leading light of Canada."
The Liberal "He continues to use words and music to ensure every voice is heard."
Rogers Daytime "He takes special pride in his South Asian community."
FilmInk "One of the entertainment industry's most vocal and effective campaigners."
Anokhi "The pillar that supports emcees staying true to hip-hop."
Ishtyle TV "It's refreshing - a deejay with a message."
Desi News "A love for what he's doing and an ambition to make a difference."
India Journal "South Asian Avtaar (Prophet) of Hip-Hop."
CanIndia "He's making the hip-hop scene in an earnest way."
Weekly Voice "Hip-Hop is his religion and he intends to spread this message."
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